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Our time working with Dominique at Nurtured Yawns was an incredibly positive and productive experience! Dominique took so much time to get to know us and our baby and tailored everything from the sleep plan to her support to fit our needs. We can’t thank her enough for all the guidance that she provided and all the support she offered us as we worked to improve our daughter’s sleep! With some adjustments to our approach Dominique helped us get our daughter falling asleep on her own and improved her overall sleep tremendously! We’ve been able to continue using her suggestions and resources as our daughter has grown and had moments of sleep regression and within a few days she’s always back on track! We highly recommend Dominique at Nurture Yawns and we are so thankful for our time working with her!

- Samantha

Reflecting on my pregnancy journey, I would highly recommend a postpartum doula for the 4th trimester! 

As I prepared for birth, I didn't know that such a support existed. I found that while there is much focus on the birth that postpartum care was not discussed.  Thankfully, while I was pregnant, Dominique shared with me what her work entailed and I knew I would benefit from her partnership in my pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

Following the arrival of my daughter, Dominique provided support in a caring and understanding space. During our check-ins, I received valuable advice on an array of topics such as: sleep training, bath routines, transitions and mental/emotional considerations.  Dominique's advice was coupled with personal experience and practical skills, which I appreciated. What I also valued was that she worked at my pace as I recovered from birth; she didn't fit me into a prescribed course schedule, but rather let me lead our meetups. When we did connect, she created a warm, nurturing and welcoming space. We ended up working together for 6 months and even now she will still check in with me! 

I would strongly encourage any expecting Mom or postpartum Mom who is considering a postpartum doula to partner with Dominique. 

- Kimberley

Before working with Nurtured Yawns, my (7 month old) daughter was waking every 20 minutes to 2 hours in the night. After only a couple days of working with Dominique, my girl slept through the night (other than her nighttime feeds). Dominique helped me in many ways; from helping my daughter learn to put herself to sleep, to giving me the courage and confidence as a new mom. I was scared at first, but Dominique guided me through my feelings and respected my decisions. I highly recommend Nurtured Yawns to anyone who is struggling with their little ones' quality of sleep - establishing regular sleep routines has improved my relationship with my husband, strengthened the bond with my daughter and improved my entire wellbeing.

- Amy

Dominique is a fabulous sleep consultant. She completed her certification with ease as she already had extensive prior knowledge on this subject. She is well versed in all sleep training techniques and prides herself on meeting families where they are. She is patient, thorough, and sees every single project through to the very end with a huge smile. If you decide to hire Dominique, I have every confidence that she will take the best care of your family. You’re in great hands!

- Jayne, owner and founder of Center for Pediatric Sleep Management

Dominique Robinson is an amazing sleep consultant! She is flexible and understanding and a delight to work with. (I'll admit, I was nervous and overwhelmed in the beginning, but truly needed help, as I was beyond sleep deprived.) 
She taught me how my 9-month-old daughter could truly benefit from sleep training while still respecting the process and what I felt most comfortable with in terms of sleep training methods. 
She is easy to work with, listens well, and is very knowledgeable. Dominique helped me feel more "human" again. My daughter is now on a schedule that benefits the whole family!  We also had some issues with my 3.5-year-old son's sleep process and she had some very helpful ideas for him that worked well for us, too!

- Karen

Dominique was great at making sure that she understood our situation. She asked key questions to get us to think through our daughter’s sleep routine and to ensure that we gave her the information she needed to help. During our Q&A session, she patiently answered the questions that we had and provided as much information as she could during our time together. It gave my wife and I the confidence that we needed to keep working on our daughter’s sleeping habits, while giving her the best possible conditions.

- Max

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