Are you desperate for your little one to sleep better?

Having a virtual pediatric sleep consultant partner with you in your parenting journey can provide you with expert guidance from the comfort of your home on: 


Wake Windows

Routines and Schedules

Early Morning Wakings

Middle of the Night Wakings

Establishing Independent Sleep Skills

With easily accessible virtual support for 2 weeks over text, email and call while you implement a detailed written sleep plan that you're comfortable with

So that you can better understand your little ones sleep needs and help achieve better sleep for everyone

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Your Investment in Better Sleep

Investment: $650

Our Certified Sleep Consultant will:

- Listen to your current challenges

- Discuss your concerns

- Help identify and validate your desired sleep goals for your family

Provide you with:

- A detailed written sleep plan tailored to your child’s needs and specific circumstances

- A video call to thoroughly review the plan and answer any questions 

- Unlimited text message support via Voxer throughout your two week package (between the hours of 9am-9pm)

- Unlimited email support throughout your two week package (between the hours of 9am-9pm)

- Two 30-minute phone consultations to be used during your two week package (preferably scheduled ahead of time between the hours of 9am-9pm)

You will: 

- Be equipped to confidently implement your sleep plan

- Receive live day-by-day guidance, accountability and cheerleading

- Achieve better sleep for your little one and you...priceless!